Sapphire Reserve : Setup

To take full advantage of the Sapphire Reserve card:

  1. Upon approval of the card, request expedited shipping. The $4k spend requirement within 3 months starts counting the day you are approved.
  2. Spend the $4k within two and half months. Don’t cut this close and risk losing the bonus points. The $450 annual fee does not count but anything else you “charge” does. Purchase gift cards for future needs if needed, so you don’t spendĀ on unnecessarily.
  3. Activate Priority Pass (from the UR portal go to Use Points > Card Benefits, then Activate Airport Lounge Access
  4. Sign up for TSA Pre Check or Global Entry (you’ll get reimbursed the full fee, up to $100). (Access to shorter lines, keep shoes/jackets on, etc.)
  5. CombineĀ all your other Chase Ultimate Rewards to this card to take advantage of the 1.5x Chase travel portal redemption value and/or travel partner transfers.
  6. Consider a separate account for your spouse instead of an authorized user. Taking advantage of this only costs $75 = $450 annual fee – $300 travel credit – $75 authorized user.